Name modification in Scoutbook

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We have two issues with names as they are listed in Scoutbook and wondering if someone could help with updating them?

For BSA member ID 14066497, the last name needs to be corrected to just reflecting the second name listed. (As it is currently listed in the system, the name is “First First Last” but needs to be changed to “First Last,” removing the duplicate first name.)

For BSA member ID 13702845 (Scoutbook ID 11623794), we are wondering if you can change the last name so it is no longer in ALL CAPS.

If these requests are not appropriate for this forum, could you please let me know who we should contact to request the changes?

Thanks so much!


We are unable to change names. The users may be able to change the names on their accounts themselves by going to My Account → Edit Profile. If this is not possible you will need to contact your Council.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Sometimes we can sync things between databases. I was able to sync the one with all caps.

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Would a SUAC please make this BSA number 13770664 the scout’s primary number in SB?

Thank you,
Wendy Crego

@WendyCrego we need more information - though a unique name it is not that unique. Are there existing SB User IDs?

@WendyCrego That BSA member number is associated with an expired registration in a different council.

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