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How do I clear the "Changeyouremail@scoutbook.com error?


I ment MC - Member of the Committee for our Venturing Crew that serves our Camp. I have to wait until tomorrow (or Monday?) for it to push thru to ScoutBook. Then I can see what new capabilities, if any, it will confer on my ScoutBook account.

When you refer to my Scouting Tools, I guess you mean My.Scouting.org? (Or is there some other set of tools that I am not aware of?) When I login to My.Scouting.org, I don’t find any reference to a Organization Security Manager tool. The My Profile page shows my Council Committee Member position, as well as my Merit Badge Counselor position.

I am not sure what the My Dashboard is on My.Scouting.org you refer to is. I don’t see that. Do you mean the My Dashboard on ScoutBook? I don’t fine a My Dashboard (My Training) > Required screen.

I only have one BSA ID. I am aware of those types of problems. I don’t believe I have any functional roles set. How do those get set? On my record In ScoutNet? If there, do you know where and how those are set?



Additional features like the Organization Security Manager are visible to Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates. There are also functional roles that can be assigned to a committee member, such as District Training Committee Chair, that open up access to more information in My.Scouting.

My whole goal is to be able to identify both accounts when one is reported to have a duplicate Email address. So far, I have not been able to find a way to search ScoutBook users to find someone by their Email address.

My current positions in ScoutBook are:
Merit Badge Counselor
ScoutBook Council Admin - to upload MBC lists
Committee Member of our camp crew (recently added to see if that would help. It didn’t)

Is there some other functional position I need to hold that will allow me to search ScoutBook user records for duplicate Email Addresses? If so, what exactly is that role? And who can assign that position to me and how do they do it?


If you are connected as a Committee Member to youth in the Venturing crew with Full Control permissions, then you should be able to search.

Pick a youth in the crew, click on that Venturer’s Connections, then click on the red “+ Add” button. Use the “Search For Existing User” box and search based on name or e-mail address.

If you run the council users report you may find people with 2 accounts if they are both in your council. I have found many duplicates this way with one account entered without a member id number


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My apologies. The world of Scouting online tools keeps changing.

  • The site title my.Scouting Tools" has been shortened to “my.Scouting”
  • The URL for the site is https://my.scouting.org/
  • For purposes of commercial surveillance most internet browsers will first attempt to open my.Scouting.org as a non-secure http://my.scouting.org/
  • The non-secure link has to be redirected by the BSA web server to the secure link URL.
  • The command selection path “Menu > My Dashboard” which previously defaulted “My Training” is now “Menu > My Training”.

Greg, as a Council Admin you should have access to https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/reports/councilusers.asp. You can download a list of all users in your council with their Scoutbook User ID and BSA Member ID, name, unit, position, etc. Unfortunately this report does not include email addresses. I just pulled that report for my council and found that I have 59 Scoutbook IDs with a blank BSA ID, and only 28 of those 59 have ever logged in. I also found eight users with duplicate Scoutbook accounts mapped to a single BSA ID, and that condition may be a contributor to the problem you are seeing.


There is an update to the Council Admin’s Council User reports currently being tested that adds e-mail addresses. I expect this to be released in the near future and will allow you to find out who has changeyouremail addresses.


Kenneth and Ed,

Thanks for your replies. I had found the Council Users downloads and looked at both types. I was hopeing there was something else that included Emails. The update to add Emails will be appreciated. And thanks to both of you for your help.



The update to include the user’s e-mail address in the Council Admin Users reports has been released.

Thanks Ed,
I have downloaded the file and I see the addition of the Email. That will be useful in trying to track down the “ChangeMyEmail” entries.

I noticed that there is a new report as well. One for Parents and Scouts.

I am not clear on the differences between the 3 user reports…
I believe the Actiive Users report includes all SB accounts with activity in the last 365 days.
Does the Users report include anyone who has created a ScoutBook account?
And the ParentsAndScouts report include all folks on unit rosters, even if they haven’t made a ScoutBook account?


The users report is all leaders and Scouts with Scoutbook accounts. Active users is users who have logged in during the last year. ParentsAndScouts are all Scouts, Parents/Guardians and Other Family Members in the Scoutbook Database including those without Scoutbook accounts.

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