Another user is using the same e-mail address error

I am seeing a warning when logging in that another user is using the same e-mail address. I am the parent of a scout.

@MatthewNeyssen this is fixed

Thank you very much!

Donovan, how did you fix this? I have the same issue when I sign on. Thanks.

@JohnPhelan yours is fixed - I would HIGHLY Recommend not using Unit specific emails - it can lead to many issues as opposed to personal emails.

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Thanks, Donovan. I appreciate the help. I use a Treasurer-specific e-mail for the Troop to keep Scouting messages separate from my personal messages (and my Condo messages, where I am the President of the Association). When I step down as Treasurer (I just started), the Treasurer address will go to the new Treasurer so there is continuity for the Scouts and their familes as the Committee members change. I used to use just my personal e-mail when I was Committee Chair for the Troop and I still get CC-related messages and questions coming to that address, which I have to redirect to the current Chair. Using the Treasurer-specific address should solve that issue when I step down. Time will tell. Thanks.

@JohnPhelan well that was the issue - it was on the last user

Can this be fixed on mine please? Also, I have two units under my dashboard that I am not connected to and I can’t update my current positions and roles.

@LindseyRowe Your email address was on your son’s account. I removed it, but it could come back. You are listed as a unit commissioner in several units. You can remove them by going to my dashboard > administration > my account > my positions. Then, click the positions you no longer hold and add an end date.

I am also having a similar issue. I had intially signed my son up using my email, however I just updated his profile with his email address and changed my email in my profile. Also, in Scoutbook there is an error that says I’m not on our official roster in, but I know that I am (I looked). Can anyone help me with this?

@LydiaCurtis this is fixed

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help.

I noticed this error this week for my login “clator.” For what it’s worth:

  1. I did change councils last year and it’s possible my old unit dropped me from charter at the start of this year. I don’t see my old position listed on my profile.
  2. I recently registered as a district MBC in the new council as I’m teaching at MB University this weekend. However, my new position looks like it expired 12/31/2022 (not 2023). I’m working with Council to get that properly extended.
  3. Both the expired MBC position and the current Troop Committee position for my new unit do show up under my profile.

Can somebody please help troubleshoot the error? Many thanks!

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@ClatorButler are you in NCAC or CVC? You have active registrations in both

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I’m definitely still active in CVC. I’ve kept strong ties to NCAC (like being a consultant) but wasn’t sure if they actually renewed me or not.

@ClatorButler OK that is fixed

Awesome, thanks for the quick support. The error is gone. Just curious: what was the culprit?

Same issue, and they are both me


I merged your two SB IDs. Your e-mail address is also on your son’s account. The best way to swtich this is to go to his Edit Profile page and update the address.

@DonovanMcNeil Would you be so kind and take a look at my account as well please? I’m seeing the same message.
SB User ID: 419032
BSA Member ID: 128280000
Thanks a bunch!