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When will LDS units get removed from Scoutbook?

I was the final administrator in several LDS units (both packs and troops). The units no longer exist but they remain on my scoutbook account and I cannot remove myself from them because it tells me that I must first transfer responsibility to someone else. I thought LDS units were supposed to be closed, and these units were not rechartered.

yes that is an interesting dilemma - we will figure it out and get back

The BSA is working to remove these units from Scoutbook. We do not have an estimated completion date.

I went in and listing an end date of 12/31/2019 for my LDS scout position. It then moved it to the “past positions” section. Hope this helps.


That only works until there is one unit admin left. Scoutbook will not allow the last unit admin to be removed. This is why the LDS units need to be removed from Scoutbook by BSA IT.

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