Please remove defunct units from my profile

Saw that someone else could not drop defunct units and an admin had to do it for her.

I am a UC associated with several units; but, P228, P300 and P321 are defunct. Can you please drop them?

Thank you

@irisgraves go to your membership page and put an end date on those positions - very simple


I had looked before I sent the note originally and didn’t/don’t see anyway to disconnect myself from these defunct units.

What am I missing?

thank you

Go to my profile > my connections > click clear Old connections

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I have a similar issue. Clear connections didn’t fix the issue.

I had unit admin when the unit dropped.

I can’t edit any of the positions in My Account → My Positions.

Now, I can’t open any adult record in the unit roster page. There is no error - it’s just that the names of adults no longer function as links. I can still open individual youth pages.

I have unit admin of all units I’m affiliated with, and I even have council admin, so I wouldn’t expect a permissions issue.

Ah ha! Don’t know if my access is wrong or not; but, my “positions” are not editable. I can blow out old “connections” on that page though. That got rid of all but one of the defunct units but it dropped me from one of the units I should still have access. I’ll contact them to re-instate me.

BTW, what is the position or level that UC should have? Some have set me up as executives but I am not involved in those types of activities.

Thank you

UCs are a position in SB but not all units add them, as SB is a unit tool not a District tool

In addition to the problems that several of us described above, the function to add new members in ScoutBook seems to have gone away. That may be a good thing in some cases, as we’ve had problems in the past with people getting added to ScoutBook but never actually getting registered with BSA, and forcing member additions to go through the BSA registration system should prevent this. However, there are certain positions, such as unit commissioner, that will never appear on a unit roster in the main BSA registration system, so there needs to be a way to deal with these cases.

Find the person is currently broken. It has been broken for awhile. :frowning:

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