How do I enter Attendance on IA side

I have been able to enter attendance on the Scoutbook side for meetings, campouts, etc. Now that the calendar is only in the IA side - How do I enter the attendance? I don’t see anywhere or how to select scouts/adults to indicate they were actually present for the meeting.


@ Stephen_Hornak

I’m the Advancement Chair for the Troop. Would that be a Troop Admin Role?

@BrendaKraft - if the key 3 have added the role to you it will state that in IA and it will be in your position list in scoutbook

@ Stephen_Hornak
I’m listed as the Unit Advancement Chair since April 2022. I was able to take attendance on the Scoutbook side. Now I’m not able to or don’t know what I’m supposed to click to take attendance on the IA side.

@BrendaKraft - did you read the guide I posted above ?

@ Stephen_Hornak

Yes. I looked at it.

When I click on the RSVP report I get this error.
The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)

ref: PD-20240417075349-645016-743513

Under the Invitees/Attendees section
I do not see a Quick Entry Attendance option. All I have the option of doing is to “confirm” my own son’s attendance. I don’t have an option for anyone else.

Our Committee Chair created the event. But he had done that on the Scoutbook side - so I was still able to take attendance. But still not able to do that on the IA side.

@BrendaKraft - make sure that the drop down in the upper right is selected for the unit role and not that of parent.

Yes - It is set to Troop 19 - not the parent/guardian option.

@BrendaKraft - what roles are showing in that profile ?

Position: Committee Member
(1 more positions/roles)

@BrendaKraft - I would have a key 3 make sure to add the advancement chair to you in functional roles

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I just looked in

Registered positions I am listed as Nova Counselor, Merit Badge Counselor and Committee Member.

Then I have a Functional position - Unit Advancement Chair.

@BrendaKraft - and does scoutbook roster show you with 2 keys designating unit admin ?

I have a green check mark and I’m listed as Committee Member, Unit Advancement Chair. I don’t see any keys.

Only the key 3 show the keys. No key by treasurer either.


Your Troop Admin role was ended by the Troop Committee Chair on 3/24/24. I suggest you speak with him.

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@edavignon Thank you for the information. Very helpful.

Will you please let us know how to submit a ticket to allow Patrol Admin to mark attendance for Troop Meetings?

Thank you.

That cannot happen at the current time as that is a sub-unit - and a troop meeting is a Unit event - perhaps in the future it could be an option

Out of curiosity, why a Patrol Admin functional role specifically rather than a more generic registered role (e.g. ASM)?