How do I merge BSA IDs?

I have two BSA ID #s: Minsi Trails Council 110693649 and Patriots Path Council 122658749
I’m a merit badge counselor AND an assistant scoutmaster.
I would like to know how to merge the data associated with each (merit badge info, scouts, etc.) into one account in Scoutbook. I no longer need the Minsi Trails number - I LIVE in Minsi Trails and this number is from years ago when I was with another troop, but my current troop and my summer job at a scout camp are both in Patriots Path Council.

Hello! I am an ASM, a merit badge counselor, and a unit commissioner in Coyote Creek District, Silicon Valley - Monterey Bay Council. Somehow I have two BSA ID #s: 137338434 and 13896293. Currently the latter ID is set to be primary. Could you please help me link these two ID #s together and set the first one (137338434) as primary? Thank you so much.


MIDs cannot be merged only managed.

I have merged your Scoutbook accounts and set your Patriots Path MID to primary on your ID. If you ever plan to register in Minisi Trails Council, please have your Council add your middle name to your record. This will allow the system to match your two IDs so duplicate accounts are not created.

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You have 2 MIDs because your 434 MID has a middle name but your 239 does not and your first name is spelled differently.

I have merged your Scoutbook IDs and set the 434 MID as primary on your ID.

If your first name is properly spelled Anh-Tuyet, you need to contact your Council to have them fix your name on the 434 MID as it is incorrect there.

Hi Ed,

Thank you so much for your help in fixing this issue and clearing up all confusion about my two BSA ID #s. You are the best!
Yours in Scouting,