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How can I merge two BSA IDs

My son apparently has two BSA IDs and it’s preventing him from entering Camp/Hike/Service logs. Is there a way to merge his two IDs? 13657201 and 130195257. 130195257 is his real ID. I opened HD-339536 on Aug 7th, but no one ever responded.

Any help is much appreciated!

the easiest way is if he can log into my.scouting.org > he could use Manage Member ID

Otherwise the Registrar Stacey can solve this at Hurst

I had him log in to my.scouting.org and add the correct BSA ID. We then set it as the primary, but when we checkout his user on Internet Advancement, we just get “The person was not found within the active unit.”

Do you happen to know how I can get in touch with Stacey?


the internet advancement issue is a different matter - the 2 BSA# was just the first clue we had on it - but it is being worked (stacey cannot help with that)

But as long as you have the right one as primary that will help alot - would be interesting to know how he got new one on 8/19/20

yeah I was wondering that too. As far as I know, his BSA ID has always been 130195257.

it is REALLY easy to make a new BSA number - setting up a my.scouting account, signing up for NYLT sometimes, all kinds of stuff.

ahh ok. I know at one point we made him his own login to Scoutbook and my.scouting so maybe that’s when it happened.

yeah if you did not match up the MYST (my.scouting) to his BSA# that would do it

we moved from one Council area to a new one and each of us now have two BSA ids(all involved in Scouting), how do I merge and show the newest id in my.scouting?

@PaulaHuntley Login at my.scouting, and then:

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Click on Manage Member ID
  3. Add your new council name and BSA member ID number
  4. Set your new number as “primary”

Then log in at Scoutbook and:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Edit Profile

And update your information (new address, city, state, zip code, district, and council).

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Interesting…I was not aware that you could have one Member ID#. We have had scouts move to Southern California from another state and they get a new Member ID#. Currently we have a family that moved to another state but they come back to the area a couple times a year for various reasons. Because they live in another state our Troop considers their home state Troop the primary unit. They have Member ID#'s in that state and Member ID#'s in the Orange County Council.

Each council has its own set of BSA numbers. That is why when a Scout or adult moves from council A to council B, they usually get a new BSA member number.

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Ok, that is what I thought. I was confused when your (Jennifer) response to Paula told her how to merge ID#'s. Paula mentioned that they moved from one Council to another Council.

“Merging” the BSA IDs associates them together in the database so that it’s clear that they are both assigned to the same person, as opposed to two people with the same/similar names from different places. That way, records from each BSA ID can (in principle anyway) be correctly associated with the individual person.

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