Deleting a den with no leaders or scouts

I am trying to delete a Den in my pack. Disapproving the Den does not remove it. There are no leaders nor any scouts in the Den. I have tried changing the Den number, approving it and disapproving it and nothing seems to work. Even after logging out and back in, it still remains. I contacted my council and they suggested I post to the forums.

Thanks for your help!

The most likely reason for this is a denner position that wasn’t ended. If you can’t figure out who that might be, try running a report in roster builder to see.

@JoseMolina - that is most often the reason why a den or patrol hangs on for dear life is an adult or scout assigned as a leader in some capacity in that sub-unit.

Thanks for the quick replies! I ran a report through roster builder and there were no references to the den in question (unfortunately).

@JoseMolina - did you make sure to check off show leadership positions. The only reason a den or patrol can not be deleted is an open leadership position.

@Stephen_Hornak - I did and there were no leadership positions for the specific den I am having trouble with. The den in question was a Webelos den that graduated this past May. The leaders who were leading that den had their positions ended for the den. Currently, I am showing no scouts or leaders as part of the den in either Scoutbook or roster builder.

Most likely, one of the Scouts (now in a troop) still has the Denner or Assistant Denner position open on his or her Leadership page.

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