NYLT not showing up in MYST

I had 5 Scouts go through NYLT last summer. I looked for their training in my.scouting and nothing shows up when I run a report. I assume that ISLT will not show up unless I manually put that in, since we did that at the unit level - I can solve that.

However, I emailed the NYLT coordinator and she emailed me back yesterday confirming that she had put all of them into the system. Is there somewhere else I should be looking besides my youth training report?

If you use the Training Manager:

  1. Click on Add/Search
  2. Select the Seach Training tab
  3. Filter by Youth Members
  4. Adjust the number of Scouts per page (if needed)
  5. Select the Scout(s)
  6. View Training

Right now the “Download Training Report” option seems to just be displaying required training. We have asked them to include all training taken by selected individuals, but we do not know if or when they will make this change.


This would also be a huge help for units where we either have adult leaders covering more than one billet or where leaders are transitioning from one role to another, and we’re trying to make sure they have the required training (or sort out what they need to finish) before they change roles.

@CharleyHamilton Yes, I think this is a recent change. The Trained Leaders Report is intended to show the trained leader status for registered adult leaders in the unit, but the individual reports used to show all training. The ability to search all training is needed, because there is other training that might be needed for other purposes (BALOO, Wilderness First Aid, and others).

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