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Ok, now how do I approve activity logs?

So I plowed my way through that new activity log mess to get our summer campers in, but it’s telling me it’s “pending approval.”

Since no one saw fit to make this intuitive in any way, how am I supposed to approve it?

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See if this thread might help you.

Not particularly, unless the jist of it is I’m pretty much unable to do in IA2 much of what I once could do in Scoutbook because I’m not Key3.

What an outstanding improvement.

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What’s your position in the Troop?

In order to approve advancement and activities in IA2, a leader must either be a member of the Key 3, a Key 3 Delegate, or the Unit Advancement Chair, as designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting.org. One of the Key 3 needs to designate the Key 3 Delegates and Unit Advancement Chair each year after recharter.


The fix to allow more unit leaders as recorded in Scoutbook to approve activity logs is in development.

I don’t want to sound unscout-like, but it seems like al of these changes were rolled out without a lot of planning or user input.

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I’m pretty sure user input is completely irrelevant to the individuals who make the baffling decisions regarding the BSA’s online presence. They’re so disconnected from those of us at the troop level that no effort is made to make it usable or intuitive.

Well, it’s a pretty thankless proposition… They get inundated with feature requests – I can’t count how many times Scouters have said “Hey, the Scoutbook activity logs are no good! They need to be better!”

Then, they make them better, which entails many behind-the-scenes constraints – the Scoutbook architecture is outdated and no longer supported, etc., and people complain that the new update that includes the features they were hollering for isn’t as good as what they had before.

Users, in general, are never satisfied.

First of all, they aren’t better. Not by a long shot. Its a convoluted process that can only be done by specific people, and in our case, NONE of the people who are authorized to do it have ever done it, and the one who always did it is no longer able to.
Secondly, they STILL don’t include the features that were asked for, specifically aquatics and riding logs. I don’t recall seeing any request to turn it into what it has become.

Scoutbook might be outdated, but chopping it into pieces and splicing in chunks of a completely different system that barely work at all is NOT the way to fix it. Wait until you have IA2 fully functional and then switch over. Don’t keep forcing us to to deal with this constantly mutating Frankenstein program and tell us to shut up and live with it because it’ll work eventually.

It’s hard enough keeping a troop going as it is. We shouldn’t have to be fighting the BSA itself to do so.

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I agree!! There was really no notice to us as users on these changes! I am Advancement Chair and can’t figure out how to APPROVE hikes, camping or service hours. Hoping this string can help me. Thanks!

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AMEN! The system was fine all in Scoutbook. Now we have to move to another system that is not working.

I still don’t see an answer on here on how to approve hikes, camping & service hours. Please help! I am Advancement Chair. Thanks!

In order to approve logs, you must currently be one of the unit Key 3, or designated as a Key 3 Delegate or Unit Advancement Chair in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting.org. One of the Key 3 must re-designate you every year after recharter is processed.

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I am Unit Advancement Chair and still can’t figure out how to APPROVE activities. What am I missing? Thanks!

Activities needing approval are in the same list of things needing approval as the other pending advancement items in the IA2 interface (scoutbook.scouting.org).

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So as the Webelos den leader I cannot approve my scouts’ camping, service project hours, or hiking hours. This is definitely not an improvement.

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