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Removing merit badge completion information

I accidentally marked a merit badge as completed when the scout still has one requirement left. So I deleted the merit badge to start over. The deletion came with a warning that all merit badge information including comments would be removed. However, when I started over and only added the completed requirements, my previous completion of the whole merit badge shows up in the “needs approval” report and the patch appears in the scout’s visual list of advancements. What do I do?

Try the following and see if this works for you

A unit administrator can remove the approval and completion of an advancement by clicking on the Scout > Scout’s advancement > Select the advancement > Select the Completed checkbox at the top of the page > Remove the completion date and any check marks> Save. You can remove the requirements by clicking on the checkbox next to a requirement > Remove the date and any check marks > Save.

Mary, which merit badge is this?

Its the cycling merit badge

For cases where the merit badge is marked as Completed by mistake, but the Scout is actually working on it:

  1. Go to the Scout’s Advancement page.
  2. Click on the merit badge.
  3. Click on Completed.
  4. Remove the “Date completed”. (If the merit badge has been marked as Approved or Awarded, you might need to remove those check marks first.)

Thank you. This forum is very helpful. I would be lost without all of you. Thank you for your time and help.

Mary Ann Dalton

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