How does a parent connect to multiple scouts in the same pack or troop?

We have two sets of brothers in our troop. The parent wants to be connected to both under the same email address. How do we do this as the system keeps giving us the message that they are already connected using that email.

We have a similar situation in our pack as well.

You don’t need to create a new parent (user) account. Just add the parent connection to the scout using the existing parent user account. A Scoutbook unit admin (or Unit Key 3/Key 3 Delegate) can search by email address under the scout’s connections page to locate, and then link, the parent’s existing account.

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And this will let the parent access both of the scouts information in Scoutbook?



@JenniferMatheson - between a parent of twins and parents of multiple scouts in multiple program levels we have never had an issue working what @CharleyHamilton has described over the past almost 10 years in scoutbook.

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