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One Parent Invite, 2 Scout Accounts

I have one parent that will be monitoring her two children over scoutbook. I am aware that I cannot connect the same parent using the same email if they are in the same unit. However I did not think this was the case for two separate units. It still is.

“Assumed” Solution:
After searching for a direct forum post about this I found an indirect answer in a different post. GMail allows for email aliases. Read more here:

(i.e. = =

So I used this tactic with my parent’s new invite for the second child. This seems to have bypassed the error message and invitation has been sent. I am still verifying if the parent has recieved such invitation in their email account.

You should be connecting the same parent with the same e-mail address to multiple children in Scoutbook. It sounds to me like you might be creating a duplicate account for that parent.

After you invite the parent the first time - you can just SEARCH for the parent and find them to connect

I figured out what the hold up is. With the first scout I manually entered parents information. When I went to connect her with the second child and could not find her in the search it was because her profile did not state which Council or District they were apart of. Once I updated the Adult profile with both District and Council I was able to find her through the search feature and connect the second scout.

You guys are correct I did create a second account for the parent (in error). Now I dont know how to delete the second profile. States I must delete relationship first but doesnt give me ability to do so.

You’ll need to send an email to to get the extra one deleted.

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