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1 email for multiple scouts

When adding a parent connection I am unable to use the email as it is attached to the sibling. How do I get around this ?

@MelissaIge - same adult but multiple Scout’s? If that is the case, just search for the existing parent (s) in the add parent window.

both scouts are in the system. I just need to update the parents email which was incorrect in one account, but the message keeps coming up that the email is connected to another account.

Scoutbook (the software not the people) thinks that the parent account with the incorrect email address is a different person from the one with the same name but correct email address.

To correct the problem, I suspect the right process is to first connect the parent account with the right n email address to the scout account with the wrong email address, then email to ask that they remove the incorrect “parent” account because it had the wrong email address.

You could also ask that scoutbook merge the two parent accounts (right and wrong email), retain all connections, and retain the correct email address.

The only caveat here is that if the parent it’s also a registered leader, you want to make sure that those positions, my.scouting login, and BSA ID are preserved as well.

Or you could search for that parent name or email as I think that is a search option.

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