Merging parent accounts (duplicates)

Help, I tried to add a connection for a parent to their scout and the parent got the invite and the connection was completed.

This parent has two kids in the same den. So I clicked on the 2nd scout, create connection => searched for parent, couldn’t find them in the “search”. So I did the only other thing I could with that page and sent another invite. But that created a 2nd parent account with the same name and email! Really scoutbook!?!?

How do I merge these two parent accounts?

The member IDs are 14927243 and 14927210. These should be merged into one account


@PaulThomas4 I have fixed this. This parent should log in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail address.

In a case like this, I would recommend that a Pack Admin use the Connections Manager in Scoutbook to connect the parent to Scout 2.

Then go to Scout 2’s Connections page, click on the parent’s name, and change the connection type to “Parent / Guardian”, then click “Update” to save.

In the future, I would recommend that you not use the “Create New Adult Account” feature in Scoutbook, because it creates a new BSA member number for the parent (who might already have one) without a date of birth, which makes trying to find a match more difficult.

It is usually better if parents create an account for themselves at my.scouting. After they do this, parents can connect themselves to their children in Scoutbook on the “My Connections” page. Alternatively, the local council can use their Registrar Tools to add a parent under a Scout’s User Relationships, which should automatically bring the parent in to Scoutbook from my.scouting.

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