How to add a new Executive Officer (IH)

The Registration Guidebook says that the IH does not have to submit an application or do YPT (see below)*.

However, I cannot add a new Executive Officer in the Rechartering system. It is requiring a birthdate and paper application. I

*(From p16 of the Registration Guidebook)
No-Fee-Required Registrations

Merit badge counselors, STEM Nova counselors, and religious emblem coordinators are registered adult leader positions that require a completed BSA adult application, Youth Protection training, and a criminal background check, but no registration fee is required unless they choose to pay to receive Scouting magazine.
Executive officer and Lion and Tiger adult partner positions do not require a registration fee because they are not registered adult leader positions. These positions also do not require a completed BSA adult application and are not submitted for a criminal background check. While Youth Protection training is not required for adults holding these positions, it is recommended for all participating adults.

I don’t know if the online application process is smart enough to deal with the situation, so I am handling it with a paper adult application and basically only said to fill out the top 3 or 4 lines that consist of information that would be on a New Unit Application which was previously the way you updated the IH. The registrar will be processing those with uploads so if it’s clear that it’s the IH, that should be sufficient.

In the case of the IH it’s much more an information update of contact information than an application. Jury is still out if that will be sufficient.

Since it’s a bit of an edge case, I’d reach out to your local council on how to handle it.

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Your registrar has to add them into the system. The Recharter system cannot do it.


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