How to add Adult leaders to roster that are already a leader?

I have adults registered under my scoutbook roster, but they don’t show up under my official roster to recharter. How do I add them so I can finish my recharter?

@CarissaDalton-Southg - simple answer is an adult application, YPT and criminal background check form. The application would need to be approved by the Charter Org.

Lion and tiger adult partners are not registered leaders

They already registered adults with the troop, but I need to add them to the pack roster.

@CarissaDalton-Southg - same answer as i gave prior. Different unit and different classes of leader designation.

You can scan the app and attach it to the recharter as an add new from application

If they are not on roster or recharter they are not registered with the unit



If they are properly registered in the troop, they will have at least one BSA Id number.

You need to contact your council registration staff to determine whether they want the “multiple position” registrations for the adult volunteer members to be done before or after the unit charter renewals.


OK @CarissaDalton-Southg if they are registered you could enter them as Multiple registrations often - IF it is with the same Charter Organization - if different charter orgs it can vary

Trying to do this before you finish Recharter might be a bit tricky, because their applications would need to be accepted by the pack’s Chartered Org. Rep. (COR) at my.scouting, which could hold up your pack’s Recharter.

It might be better to wait until after both unit’s recharters have been processed, but the adult leaders should be able to use My Application at my.scouting add add themselves as a multiple with the pack.