Changing the executive officer

When I try to add a new adult so I can update our executive officer the position is not listed in the position list. How can we add/update our executive officer?

@SarahBlaesing - that has to be done via council. I am in the same position as our IH/XO retired

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In our council we are required to fill out a “New Unit Application” when our CO changes the Executive Officer/Institutional Head.

Filling out a New Unit Application is the only way to get this accomplished. Make an appt. with the new EO as they are the one who needs to fill it out and sign it. Once that is done, take it to your Council’s registrar After that is inputted by the registrar, it will update in Scout Book in 24-48 hours.

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Good to know for all of us, just 11 months late!

Changing the executive officer (“IH”)

My opinion is that the change should be submitted when it happens, in which case, the process is separate from the annual recharter.

Council procedures

Who signs what varies by the sponsor organization situation and whether the CEO (“IH”) is also the charter organization representative.

Initial contact with a new CEO (“IH”) usually involves a meeting between the council scout executive and the CEO (“IH”) with a presentation by the scouting executive


Historic observations (for last few decades)

It used to be the charter organization executive officer (IH) signed an agreement between the organization and BSA®. to establish a relationship and to assign who the chartered organization representative was. The unit charter form was used, but not signed, to collect CEO contact information.

There were also council sponsored Scouts. For example, Lone Cub Scouts and Lone Boy Scouts (now Lone Scouts BSA) and outreach programs such as Scoutreach.

Changes circa 2014-2022

For some reason BSA appears to be including more sponsoring organization / BSA relationship clauses in BSA provided forms. Primary conflict between databases and forms appears to be the assumption that the sponsoring organization has only one of each type of Scouting unit.

Organization CEO 2022

The world has changed, primarily due to insurance and liability issues between the United Methodist Church and BSA®.

CEO related forms 2022

New Unit Application

  • for Cub Scouting, Scouting BSA, Venturing BSA, Sea Scouting BSA
  • English
    • Form 524-402, 2022 reprint, signed by organization CEO (“IH”) and council BSA scout executive or delegate.
  • and Spanish [524-202]
    - Form 524-202, “Firma del responsable ejecutivo” (“IH”) and BSA “Firma del ejecutivo Scout o su designado”

Annual Charter Agreement

  • English
    - September 2022, short version
    - Signed by Charter Organization (“IH”), Chartered Organization Representative, Unit Committee Chair, and local BSA council.

Short Form Facility Use Agreement

  • edition: draft 10/21/2020
  • “Licensee” should be the name of the local council, not an individual unit or person.
  • “Licensee Address” should be the street address of the local council’s main office.
  • The agreement must be signed by Scout Executive, Director of Field Service or Director of Support Services. Volunteers may not sign the agreement on behalf of the local council.

Annual Registration Agreement for Council Registered Units

  • Updated September 2022
    - Signed by Unit Committee Chair and Local BSA council

United Methodist Church Units

Affiliation Agreement
  • Form effective August 2022-February 2023
  • Signed by:
    • AFFILIATED ORGANIZATION: Chair of Board of Trustees
    • LOCAL BSA COUNCIL: Scout Executive or Designee
    • SCOUTING UNIT: Unit Committee Chair
UMC Facility Use Agreement


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