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Recharter Issue

It let me change 104808675 from Committee Member to COR and EO

It let me change 123637017 from Scoutmaster to Committee Chairman

Will not let me change 122185056 from EO and COR to Scoutmaster

@GregoryKoester try dropping the last one and re-adding existing member back

Thank you, tried that - give me error “position is not allowed multiple”

Field Director is telling me to complete a New Unit Application???

@GregoryKoester - that would be correct for a new XO

it is hit or miss - I changed IH on my charter no issue this year

A new unit application would get a new IH listed, but it doesn’t really help you get through recharter unless they plan on entering it immediately so you can refresh your recharter.

Does the Executive Officer have to be a registered Scouter?

@GregoryKoester it is better said they do not have to fill out an adult app - the new charter form does that purpose - mine is a registered leader in another unit so that is probably why mine went through

So if EO is a member of Charter Organization - and is named as such on the New Unit Application but is not a registered Scouter AND a different person is the COR and is a Registered Scouter - seems to me the only difference between EO and COR is one is a Scouter, the other is not???
Sorry for so many questions, I have a dense head and sometimes it takes a bit for things to sink in.

I believe that is correct. The IH is not a registered scouter and does not complete YPT and a CBC authorization (unless they are also a COR or some other registered position).

I would think of it this way:

The Executive Officer (formerly Institutional Head) is the person at the Chartering Organization who is “in charge” and selects/approves the Chartering Organization Representative (COR). They might elect to serve as COR themselves, or choose to delegate this role to someone else.

The COR is responsible for (among other things) representing the chartering organization’s interests in the scouting unit, and approving all adult scout leaders – prior to registration – on behalf of the chartering organization.

From a practical standpoint, the COR is definitely “registered” in the sense of requiring an adult application in order to fill this role. The Executive Officer holds their position ex officio (i.e. because of the office/role they already hold in the chartering organization itself). Thus, the EO need not submit an adult application, unless they also serve in another scouting-specific role.