How to add another parent to scoutbook

First off, my dad shows on my profile (i’m a scout) as a parent but he never remembered making an account in the first place and doesn’t remember his username or password. How can we get that info or at least remove him from my account and re-add him?

Secondly, my mom wants to be added to scoutbook as my parent so she can receive email notifications. We cannot find anywhere to add another parent and whenever she tried to make an account it would have her put in all of her info then it would glitch and say page not found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I sent you and other members of the SUAC a private message. Click on the purple circle with white E in the upper right corner of your forum window. I have included the information your dad needs to create a ID and log in to Scoutbook.

A Troop admin (probably scoutmaster, committee chair or charter org rep) can add your mom as a connection. Your dad can also do this after he is able to log in.

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