How do you add a parent to Scout Account

Before the change we could add a parent in Scoutbooks to the scouts account.

How do i add a parent to a scouts account now that the profile is in Internet advancement


It should still be under scout’s connections, which should be reachable from the scout’s dashboard via unit or sub-unit roster. However, the search process has been broken off-and-on for some time, so it might not find the parent.

The parent can “Connect to your scout as Parent/Guardian” from the top of their My Connections page with the correct information about the scout.

Another work-around, assuming that the parent is already connected to a scout (or has a leadership role) in the unit is to go to the Connections Manager from the unit roster, then add a View/View connection from the parent to the “new” scout. Then, go to the “new” scout’s connections and change the View/View connection to a Parent/Guardian type. Note that this is not reversible at the unit level and will require council intervention to fix, so be sure it’s the correct adult before you make that change.

My recommendation right now (with the search for parents not working):

If the parent does not already have a my.scouting account, ask them to go to my.scouting and create an account for themselves (using their own (parent’s) name and parent’s date of birth).

When creating their my.scouting account, they should try to connect to their BSA member number, if they have one. (The parent listed on their child’s BSA youth application gets assigned a BSA member number as part of the application process, so many parents already have a BSA member number.)

After the parent creates their my.scouting account, they should be able to log in to Scoutbook with their my.scouting user name and password.

In Scoutbook, they need to go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

If they do not see their child / children listed below, then they should click on the red text: “Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian”

They will need to know their child’s BSA member number in order to connect this way.