How to add past and current positions

How do I update my leader positions information? There isn’t an add button on my end and It’s only showing one of my positions for one year back in 2019 and if I try to select that one it does nothing even though it has an arrow in the far right side of the position bar. My current leadership position started in 2016 through 2021 (now) as a District Committee Member at large position is not listed. I have actually been a registered leader since 2014 as both a Pack Committee Member, Parent Coordinator, and most recently renamed to New Member Coordinator for 2019 so all prior ones except the one New Member Coordinator in 2019 are missing as well.

Member ID 129970349, Council: NCAC

I am a parent to scouts in the Del-Mar-Va Council so I’m not sure if that’s throwing my information off.

@LaurenDutrow - just an fyi district positions other than MBC and unit commissioner will not be noted. I gather when you go to your account then your positions there is no option to add ? Is that correct?

Correct, it does not give me an option to add positions.

@LaurenDutrow - perhaps a screenshot of that would be good. Additionally if you log into what is listed there as your registered positions?

@LaurenDutrow - thank you and that would indicate that your are not currently registered as an adult in any unit. To confirm that you sho uk ld check as well

I am not with a specific unit, I am as a District Committee Member at large. That’s where I think the issue is if you say District positions don’t show up.

I checked my my.scouting and it shows my correct MID# but has it linked to my kid’s council and not the council I’m registered with. That’s why I said I think being a parent with kids outside of my registered leader council is throwing the program off. I have to wait until tomorrow to talk to our Council rep.

@LaurenDutrow - if you are just a district committee member at large then that will not show in scoutbook. No need to pursue that issue.

Scoutbook is unit driven and not council/district with the exception of unit commissioner and MBC as those are unit support

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Gotcha, thanks! I’ve already had to clean a bunch of other issues with my account in connecting to my three sons units, this was my last scoutbook issue to tackle that didn’t include needing council corrections (or so I hoped). I’m about to become a den leader for my youngest son and am trying to avoid compounding the issue while that’s processing through.

You would think it would still allow me to add that info though since it’s position history.

Things are going to be complicated when you register as a DL in (if I am understanding correctly) the “other” council. Scoutbook does not handle cross-council registrations, in part because BSA ID number ranges are unique to each council. So, the “other” council (i.e. where your sons scout) will not be able to assign your den leader position to your existing BSA ID because that BSA ID belongs to your "current’ council. By definition, that process will create a new BSA ID for you, as well as creating what I suspect will be a second Scoutbook account, since each Scoutbook account can only be associated with a single BSA ID.

Since the district committee member role is peripheral to Scoutbook, it might make the most sense, in the long run, to marge the two Scoutbook accounts, but retain the BSA ID for your “other” council in the Scoutbook account, and associate that account with your scouts as a parent. That way, you don’t have to keep switching back and forth to see “Den Leader” interface from one login and the “parent” interface from the other.

You can associate both BSA ID numbers (and the associated training) with a single account from the left side pull-down menu and Manage Member ID, after the second BSA ID has been assigned. Someone from SUAC might be able to give you a better list of steps to most efficiently “consolidate”/associate your Scoutbook accounts and BSA IDs once the “new” one is created.

That is my fear. I have said for years that the ID’s need to be nation-wide not council specific for this reason. Especially when people move constantly, for leaders who were also member as youth becoming leaders later, it is a mess linking all those back up. I wish it was far more streamline and numbers followed members. Especially considering my oldest son is dual rostered with units in different councils. We have three different Councils just in our state, it’s a mess.

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I agree the BSA ID # should be Nationwide. Here in Texas we have 18 Councils in two different Regions (Southern (2 Areas) & Western (1 Area) (From a March 2017 BSA Map “United States by Regions”). My County is part of SHAC but the county to the East is Bay Area, and the County to the West is South Texas. County to the North is also SHAC (and apart of my District) and the Gulf of Mexico is to the South.

Yeah, there’s general consensus that the BSA IDs should be drawn from a single batch nationally. Based on the scuttlebutt, the BSA is moving in that direction as it implements newer registration systems. However, that’s all hearsay until the new system actually gets released, and we all find out what it does.

The reasons for the separate blocks of BSA IDs is historical. Pre-computer and pre-internet, it prevented multiple councils from assigning the same BSA ID to different people. The existing registration systems were all designed around that paradigm.

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The MID you provided 129970349 had its last registration expire 1/31/21. Since the MID is not registered, you cannot add leadership positions.

That’s not correct because I paid for and my check was cashed for recharter by the council on 1/12/2021.

@LaurenDutrow correct or not that is what is in the system - you need to talk to your council

I did, I’m a leader in NCAC and they can’t find me. It’s like I’ve been erased from their records. Now I have to call Del-Mar-Va and see what they possibly did. What a mess. I’m not even a registered leader with them yet and the system is already screwed up.


The councils may need to contact the BSA National help desk to get this resolved. I only found one listing for you in Akela. The MID matches what you provided. The previous registrations are for NCAC but Del Mar Va is the council indicated in the Council Number field.

Councils can’t see MIDs that belong to other Councils. I suspect the Council Number field being for Del Mar Va may be preventing NCAC from seeing your MID but since it appears to be an NCAC MID, Del Mar Va would not be able to see it either.

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I tried to go in myself to my.scouting and manage my member ID but it won’t let me edit it. And if I add my ID number with the correct council # and it just says failed to add Member ID; user not found.

I am forwarding this possible solution to our Registrar and Field Director hoping they can figure it out. So frustrating.