How to correctly annotate payment credits and then use the credits for payments?

My workflow with parent credits leads to accurate numbers, but I believe it is not optimal. My workflow causes credit entries to eventually disappear.

What’s a better way to do it? My steps are below.

Let’s say there is a Scout with these payment log entries:

  • Charge - February Dues - $20
  • Charge - March Dues - $20
    The account balance shows (-$60)

The parent pays $58 for pizza for the Troop and says to just reimburse them by crediting the Scout’s account. I add this entry:

  • Credit - Reimburse for pizza - $58
    The account balance shows ($18)

In order to correctly close out charges. I then add the following entries.

  • Payment - February Dues Payment - $20 (Note: Part of $58 reimbursement)
  • Payment - March Dues Payment - $20 (Note: Part of $58 reimbursement)

And I modify the reimburse for pizza entry as follows:

  • Reimburse for pizza - Credit - $18 (Note: originally $58)
    The account balance shows ($18)

Next month, I add the following entries:

  • Charge - April Dues - $20
  • Payment - April Dues Payment (Partial) - $18 (Note: Part of $58 reimbursement)

And I delete the Reimburse for pizza entry.
The account balance shows (-$2)

Hi @MatthewSchwarz,

One item is missing from your listing - the date of each posting.

I imagine the charges take place in the month referenced, maybe on the 1st. The credit for $58 probably posts in March. Subsequently, when breaking out the credit to apply the credit to specific charges, the date of each credit can stay the same as the original total credit.

So, yes, the original credit total does disappear, but the date of the credit stays the same, so all parts are in one place in the listing of debits and credits.

Comments for each entry are visible when looking at the payment log, so I use this to show data I use to track things, so I don’t have to open an entry to access details - who paid, check # or cash, partial use of a larger payment, etc.

Yes, it would be nice to have the total credit entered once, then, within the entry, be able to apply it to different debits. I don’t see a way to do that at this time.

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