How to delete a parent account

I am trying to get a parent account deleted, I have admin access but not key 3. So I had the key 3 try and it did not work. Council was called and they said that they could not do it. They said to have the parent do this, however we cannot figure out where.

How can we remove BSA account # 133218943 last name of Sundquist.

Thank you.

@LauraPegram Council can use VST (Volunteer Support Tool) to break the parent connection

I called them again and this time they said they were able to remove the parent connection. Not sure why last time they said they didn’t have access and the parent had to do it. Thank you.

They may have been thinking about unit-level access, where (as you discovered) unit admins/Key 3 can’t remove a Parent/Guardian connection from a youth, but the account connected as a Parent/Guardian can end their own Parent/Guardian connection to the youth.

They said they removed the parent connection however they were not sure if it will work but believed it had yesterday. They said to wait overnight. Apparently the connection is still there when I check. The parent is no longer using the account and cannot get in. Are there any other ideas to remove the actual account and not just remove the parent connection?

They did not remove it - In VST on the Scoutbook window - under connections all they have to do is click the delete button - that beaks the parent role. Then you would need to end connection

Had them try again and it was a no go. Not sure if they do not have the correct access as they say or if they really do not know what they are doing. The parent no longer has access to their email to reset their account to login and see if they can remove themselves. At a loss at why council cannot delete an account which is no longer used by the parent. Anyone else have ideas?

So the one you are trying to remove is a duplicate or something?

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I do not believe it is a duplicate.

@LauraPegram so it is a parent that no longer needs to be connected? If so that is a council issue that they CAN solve.

Yes correct they do not want to be connected. I will try Council again then and see if I can get a different person.

The local council can change use their Volunteer Support Tools (VST) to change the e-mail address, reset the password, delete the parent connection in Scoutbook, change the e-mail opt out toggle, depending on what needs to be done.

I think maybe the council just used their Registrar Tools to remove the parent / child relationship, which is different from the parent / child connection in Scoutbook.

SUAC is a group of volunteers - and we mutually agreed parent issues are a council fix as they can be first person

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If it’s just a matter of they don’t want to get emails, they can click the unsubscribe link on any email. Of course, if they don’t have any parental rights the connection needs to be broken. The council employees have channels to ask for help in doing this, or they can even open a ticket with national.

I was able to get this resolved. Apparently when they tried the first time the connection was removed from the National Council. They tried again a different way and were able to remove from Scoutbook view. Thank you.

@LauraPegram the user still has VIEW connections to the scout FYI - if all need to be ended

Yes all needed to be ended. Not sure if I want to call back in as it has been a hassle along with myself and other leaders in our troop trying to figure out how to remove access. I suppose if the connection at least is removed in Scoutbook and National that may be good enough.

@LauraPegram and admin can handle it in unit

Okay I am a unit admin so I can see if I can remove if not I can have another admin try. Thank you.

it is no longer a parent connection so it can be ended like any other