Need assistance removing defunct parent account from old council

My apologies if I do not articulate this correctly, there is a lot going on here with this issue. I need some assistance removing an old parent account (SB User ID: 1603218 / BSA Member ID: 13153957) from their childs scoutbook profile (SB User ID: 11802861 / BSA Member ID: 137253069) in order to link their new account as the parent. My local council (Miami Valley Council) cannot remove it because the old account was from his previous council (Dan Beard Council), and I am unable to get any callback from their folks to help in resolving the issue. I cannot associate the new parent account with their childs profile because both accounts are using the same email address. So if possible, I would like to delete the old parent account from the profile, and ensure the email address associated with the old parent account is changed to nothing. When the parent logs in with the new account to scoutbook, they get an alert that the email address they are using is being shared by another scoutbook user (which is the old account). I can provide more details in a private message, but hopefully this is enough to help me fix the issue.

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Have you attempted to remove the parent’s connection from the Scout after adding the new account as a parental connection? Then, change the parent’s old account email address to something else and don’t modify the new one.

EDIT: I just re-read your issue; try changing the old account’s email first, then add the new account.

@VincentSbrocchi this is fixed

@AndrewJChen please learn when things are above your head so you do not give poor advise. Nothing you suggested would have worked, actually none of it is even possible.

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@AndrewJChen we appreciate the help, we do

Donovan … fantastic! I appreciate the prompt response. Everything looks good, and the world is right once again :wink: I will verify everything with the parent, but I think this did the trick.

just tell them to keep using the username to log in not the email

Will Do! Thanks again!

Looking at the original issue, you rarely need to create a new account. They should have been able to use the original scoutbook account in the new council. Is there a reason they couldn’t?

The both accounts already existed - I am bringing an issue up to developers on it

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Jacob that makes complete sense to me and I have asked the question numerous times to my council on why they create new accounts when people transfer. The answer always seems to be that they cannot transfer the accounts and are required to create new ones when people moving between councils occur. I have never gotten a definitive authoritative answer on this … but all it does it create a nightmare for the people administering the troop. No reason why a person shouldn’t have “one” scoutbook account/bsa id that moves with them throughout their time with scouts no matter where they transfer.

Your council creates a new Akela (membership) account. If all the info matches up, it should find the existing scoutbook account and change the member number on it. Sometimes it doesn’t find a match for one reason or another and creates a new scoutbook account.

Parent account are a little different as those are sometimes generated by the registration process and sometimes by the unit adding a parent in scoutbook, which is why I wanted to make sure everyone knows they shouldn’t need to create a new parent account if they were in a different council (or unit) under most circumstances.

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