How to delete an award

I’ve learned that a scout did not complete all the requirements for Snorkeling, but I had already marked it as complete. I’ve tried to uncheck the box, but Scoutbook isn’t allowing it. How do I delete this award or uncheck the requirements that haven’t been met? Thank you!

If approved > unapprove and save > then clear the date of award and the requirement

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It doesn’t let you uncheck the requirements or the total award. It won’t let you zero out the date of the award.

@JanetMathis Are all of the requirements marked off for the award in Scoutbook?

If so, then they will “roll up” and mark the award as completed overall. If this is the case, you will need to remove one of the completed requirements, before you can mark the award as not completed / not approved overall.

You might need to unapprove a requirement first, save, then remove the date completed for the requirement, and save again.

Thank you all! It worked!

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