How to delete extraneous awards on my Needs Purchasing Report


I have a bunch of items on my Needs Purchasing Report that I’d like to remove, is there any way to do that? Some items we had the merit badge and another time an Eagle Scout went in (after becoming an adult leader) and put himself in for a bunch of stuff we can’t afford to pay for (kids…), so I keep editing the report and then unchecking those items. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Joe

To remove items from a Needs Purchasing Report ether put them on a Purchase Order then close the PO or mark them awarded.

Thanks. That was a really easy solution. However, the scout entered the transactions while he was a scout, then at renewal he was changed to a leader (gotta love kids), so is there another way, maybe contact someone directly to make the changes? Thanks.



Only the unit can update the Needs Purchasing report

If you want to erase them - only council can

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