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Cub Scout Awards showing on Scouts BSA Purchasing Report

I have two awards from 2016 or earlier that have just shown up as needing to be purchased. How do I remove those from my report permanently? This Scout was not in our affiliated Cub Pack, and I have no access to mark them as awarded.

can you give us your member ID and the member ID of the Scout?

@RichardMoore1 - you state this is on the troop needs purchasing report. Some clarification is needed.



Hopefully, this is enough information. Please let me know what else you need.

It’s been 6 weeks. Please update me on where this stands.

The Internet Advancement developers are tied up with Internet Recharter so we have no new information.

I suggest logging in to Scoutbook, going to My Dashboard → Administration → Troop → Troop Reports → Needs Purchasing Report and seeing if these award are appearing there on a Purchase Order.

That’s how I found this problem. I need to know how to resolve it, OR have you resolve it for me. There is NO reason this report should show cub scout awards on a troop’s purchasing report, and even less reason it should for a cub pack that is NOT related to my troop. Please ensure you understand the concern that I am raising and help me resolve it.

Please update me on where this stands.

This has not yet been scheduled for development.