Cub Scout Awards showing on Scouts BSA Purchasing Report

I have two awards from 2016 or earlier that have just shown up as needing to be purchased. How do I remove those from my report permanently? This Scout was not in our affiliated Cub Pack, and I have no access to mark them as awarded.

can you give us your member ID and the member ID of the Scout?

@RichardMoore1 - you state this is on the troop needs purchasing report. Some clarification is needed.



Hopefully, this is enough information. Please let me know what else you need.

It’s been 6 weeks. Please update me on where this stands.

The Internet Advancement developers are tied up with Internet Recharter so we have no new information.

I suggest logging in to Scoutbook, going to My Dashboard → Administration → Troop → Troop Reports → Needs Purchasing Report and seeing if these award are appearing there on a Purchase Order.

That’s how I found this problem. I need to know how to resolve it, OR have you resolve it for me. There is NO reason this report should show cub scout awards on a troop’s purchasing report, and even less reason it should for a cub pack that is NOT related to my troop. Please ensure you understand the concern that I am raising and help me resolve it.

Please update me on where this stands.

This has not yet been scheduled for development.

Ed, I do not understand. What is being developed? This would appear to me to be a simple error that needs to be fixed rather than something that is so widespread that you have to program something new to get it to go away. Please explain.

It still takes time. Nothing is as simple as it seems. This fix with need careful thought and thorough testing to ensure it doesn’t break something else.

All bugs have to be scheduled for development time. First, a developer needs to debug the issue and find the root cause then code the fix. It then needs to be tested.

As a workaround, you could open POs for all of the Cub Scout awards that appear on your Needs Purchasing report and immediately close them. This will remove these awards from Needs Purchasing report. I would include a note in the PO that said it was created only to remove the items from Needs Purchasing but nothing was actually purchased.

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