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Deleted Purchase Order, but items not back on Needs Purchasing Report

I deleted a purchase order, but the items from that purchase order have not gone back into the “Needs Purchasing” report (as indicated by this topic https://discussions.scouting.org/t/put-advancement-back-in-needs-purchasing/192366). They are listed in the “Needs Awarding Report” but listed as being with the deleted Purchase Order (PO #418310).

How to I make these things “purchasable” again?

Have the items been marked as Awarded?

No. The items are not marked as awarded.

They show up in the “Needs Awarded” report, and when I look at the specific scouts they are shown as “Earned” (Approved/recorded), but not awarded.

*Correction from initial post - the deleted order number is 418310 not 493471 as I initially indicated.

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