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How to remove inactive scouts

What is the proper method of removing inactive scouts from a pack unit? Do we just delete them?

You can just put an end date to the membership.


Hi Dennis,
Yes just put an end date in the membership - however I suggest going into connections and severing all adult connections to the scout (except for you!). Otherwise even if the scout joins another pack later they connections from your pack will still be active.

Also please do not delete the scout as that will erase any and all advancements that they may have earned.

If a boy scout has been removed for being inactive, and then two years later decided that he wants to return to the troop, does his profile with all of his information remain intact? In other words, will his hiking, camping, service, and leadership entries remain in the system, or do we need to keep records of those before we detach them from our roster?

Hi, @MargaretChalmers,

If the scout’s membership in the unit was ended (e.g. by adding an end date to the membership under the scout’s Membership, reached from his or her Dashboard), then the account remains intact, at least in principle. I’ve resurrected a couple of scouts’ accounts from this status in the past, so I know it used to work.

If the scout’s account is deleted, then I believe it may be gone (or at least very difficult to recover).

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If the Scout is returning, make sure you put the BSA Member ID on the new application so the registrar does not issue a new number. This way, the original Scoutbook account will be used for the Scout’s new membership.

We have a bunch that we’ve put in an inactive patrol, but they are cluttering up the roster since they continue to show up. So we’d like to delete them from the troop. But…I’m not sure if their profile remains in existence attached to their BSA number in Scoutbook in the event that they ever decided to return. We will keep a record of their BSA number (it is on the recharter docs) but I didn’t know if when we delete it, Scoutbook deletes their profile as well. I know that I maintained my son’s profile when for a short time he was in a troop that didn’t have Scoutbook. So I am wondering if Scoutbook deletes them when we do, or if they maintain their profiles even if they are inactive.

Scouts are not deleted from Scoutbook. As long as you have their old BSA Member ID, you can get the Scout’s record at any time, or if they come back, use the old account.

Do not delete a scout’s account. When it’s deleted, it’s gone.

To clarify, the method I use to remove a scout from the unit is:

  1. Have a person who is a unit admin in Scoutbook perform these tasks.
  2. Make sure that all advancement is approved/awarded, payment log balances are zero, etc. before removing the scout.
  3. Using Connection Manager (and the Feature Assistant Extension), remove all connections to the scout by clicking on the scout’s name at the top and unchecking all of the connection options. This will remove everyone but Unit Admins and the parents.
  4. Go to the scout’s dashboard from My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name → Scout’s Membership.
  5. Select the current membership in the unit/subunit, and add an end date to the membership.

The profile continues to exist after this process.

The scout will now drop off of your Scoutbook roster. If the scout is still registered with the BSA, sometimes he or she may reappear on the roster when a roster update pushes. This should be less of an issue once recharters process.

Note that if you disapprove their membership, they will not show up on most of your rosters or reports. Under their membership, uncheck the Position Approved box and save. That will let you keep them connected to the unit for a while without seeing them in reports, having them added to calendar events, etc.

I usually keep our inactive scouts in that status for several months before putting an end date in their membership, unless their parents have told us they are not continuing. Once you’re sure, add the end date to their membership and they’ll vanish from the unit roster entirely. However, as long as you keep a connection to them, you can easily bring them back in through My Account -> My Connections.

This thread is important because it also applies to Webelos bridging over to a Troop and to Scouts in a Troop who age out and continue on with a Venture Crew.
So, does deleting a scout from a Pack, remove them from the Troop roles as well?
Does putting an end date to their membership in a pack affect that scout’s profile in a Troop?
Is the act of deleting a scout only relate to the unit they are being deleted from or does it remove them entirely from scouting, et al?

Delete is a system-wide operation, and removes the scout’s account and history altogether, at least from the user-side view. It may continue to exist for an indeterminate time due to backups, but I’m not sure of this. Ending membership by adding an end date only applies to the particular membership (pack, troop, crew, etc) to which the end date was applied.


Yes, deleting a Scout in Scoutbook deletes their entire Scoutbook account, including their advancement history, service / camping / hiking logs, etc.

Putting an end date on a Scout’s Membership with a pack does not affect the Scout’s membership with other units. It just ends the Scout’s Membership with a particular unit.

This then needs to be shouted from the hilltops. If a pack deletes their Webelos to remove them from their roles, or a Troop does the same when a Scout moves on the a Crew, everything is lost. This is doubly important for a Scout’s hiking/Camping history if they choose to, leave a troop and will work toward their Eagle as a member of a
a Crew.

Perhaps something might be added to the system to point out the danger of deleting an account. Adding the option of “ending their membership” in that particular unit would be very helpful.

The delete button has been removed from Scout accounts with BSA ID numbers. For Scout accounts without BSA ID numbers, the delete button still exists (because it might be a duplicate account that needs to be deleted). However, before a user can delete the account, they get a warning message that looks like this:


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