Caution ⚠️ tags on everyone

I am currently the Advancement Chair for our troop and when I log in I cannot run reports nor access anyone in our troop other than my own scout through internet advancement. In Scoutbook all of our adult leaders and scouts have a :warning: symbol behind there name. It wasn’t there this morning then all of a sudden it’s on everyone. I have double checked membership numbers and all are correct. Can someone help me figure out what’s happening?

I imagine your recharter has not been finished


It looks like the troop’s recharter has posted.

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Thank you for the feedback. To my knowledge all of that was completed and submitted. I will double-check with our chairman.

Thank you for your response. Is this normal/will it resolve itself? To my knowledge the recharter was submitted and completed.

try using a Private window perhaps - cause it all seems fine

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At first all appears normal and I can see the A symbol after scout names. Once I go to Internet advancement it still only shows my son and not the troop. My option to switch to troop admin mode is even gone. Then when I go back to Scoutbook everyone has the :warning: symbol again. I greatly appreciate your help and suggestions.

In one of the other threads, someone commented that the Scoutbook Unit Admin role seems to have lost come of its access in IA2 (at least where logs are concerned). If you look under your profile in my.scouting (not Scoutbook), what roles does it show for you? I’m wondering if you don’t currently have a functional role that allows you to edit advancement in IA2 (e.g. UAC, Key 3 Delegate). It wasn’t clear from @DonovanMcNeil’s post what all was covered by the “all seems fine”.

@MichelleHuff I would recommend that one of your troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) add you as Unit Advancement Chair at my.scouting using:

Roster → Position Manager → Functional Roles

I am not sure why the warning triangles are showing up.

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In my.scouting it shows my registered position as committee member. Maybe this is the problem, I hadn’t had this issue at all in the past 4 months. I will have my Chairman check on his end. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Thank you. I will have them check and see if this helps.

@MichelleHuff - and for the love of my old eyesight please remember this

Beyond that unless assigned in the scoutbook roles are meaningless

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This happened to our Committee Chair last night during our meeting. I had him close out of every tab and browser, making sure to log out of systems before closing. Logged back in and the caution tags were gone.

Do you know of training for Scout Book? I as a key 3 would really like to know what I’m doing and how to use scout book to it’s fullest.

Please and Thank you.

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There are a lot of help and training pages here:

In particular, I’d recommend these for unit scouters getting started with Scoutbook:

and this one for parents getting started with Scoutbook:

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@MichelleHuff I saw the caution icon next to everybody’s name in my unit also, and then the next day they were gone. My unit’s recharter was finalized a while ago, so I know it’s not that, in my case at least. Maybe it’s resolved for you by now?

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It actually did resolve for me by the next day. There was a statement that Internet Advancement was having some issues at that time somI wonder if they were connected.

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