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How to fix Scoutbook user from a previous Council

I am one of my Council (421 Occoneechee) Scoutbook admin. One of our adults reached out to me because his Scoutbook account is not reachable from his login. Researching, I learned he moved from another Council (Arbuckle, in Oklahoma) in March 2018. He has he old BSAID from that council.
When I looked up his record in my Council list, I found his record, but it has his old Arbuckle BSAID.
I asked him to call the national helpdesk and ask them to update his Scoutbook ID, to have his current Occoneechee BSAID. He did call today, and was told, “we cannot do this” His helpdesk number is HD302262 if that helps anyone at SUAC. Is there any other solution? Or is the Helpdesk wrong? Maybe he didn’t ask correctly. And for the record, he does NOT need to be linked to his old troop or have any access to the old Council. He just wants to be able to continue using Scoutbook in his current Council. If any SUAC person needs his BSAID numbers, send me a direct message and I will let you know that info.

Scoutbook is not supported by the phone help desk. He must send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with his name, his my.scouting.org ID, old and new BSA Member IDs and ask them to put his new BSA Member ID on his old account and delete his “new” account.

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I will advise, thanks Ed

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