Parent not able to grant his son access to his own Scoutbook account

Need help so parent can grant his son access to his own Scoutbook account.

The scout is our new SPL. A few years ago, the Scout and his dad transferred to Greater Alabama Council (001). Their old council was Occoneechee (421).

For the scout, BSA No. is 137310787. Previous BSA No. is 132463385.

For the parent, Scoutbook shows his BSA No. is 14478362. This is a BSA Number that was set to Greater Alabama Council.

Previously, Scoutbook wanted parent to give son access to his Cub account. National merged the accounts. Then, When I clicked on edit extended information - we got an error message that said: “Please use edit profile to edit scout information.” Currently, we are still getting the error message.

Please help so that the parent can grant this scout access to Scoutbook and get around this error message.

@JosephAiello The Scout had the wrong council set in Scoutbook. I have updated the council to Greater Alabama Council 001.

Is the Scout able to log in at my.scouting? He currently has Google sign in turned on, so he will need to use the Google sign in button with his Google credentials.

Yes, the scout now reports that he is able to log into Scoutbook, so the problem is fixed.

On all of our transfers, we still have the wrong council listed there at the bottom of their profile page. Is there a way we can fix it? Are there instructions that we can forward to Council so they can fix it for the other transfer scouts?

@JosephAiello Your council might be able to fix those with their Volunteer Support Tools (VST).

Or we can fix them if you provide BSA member numbers or the initials of the Scouts (we do not need both).

Jennifer, I have a similar issue in my troop. A scout who was on Scoutbook with access had left the troop and returned a year later. His member was reinstated, but his parent can’t invite him (again) to SB and his old credentials don’t work. Can this somehow be reset? The scouts ID is 132630890.

From the scout’s dad: “According to the help page, if go to Extended Information and it’s blank, he has already been invited. So, then it tells me to go to messages, create a message and select my son. But the Select options has his name with a big red NO EMAILS”

Any help would be appreciated!

The scout needs to log into scoutbook, and go to my dashboard > administration > my account > email. Then click the messaging opt-out slider to move it to the left and grey.

@RobertHund I do not see a username at my.scouting, but the Scout does have an e-mail address in Scoutbook.

I would recommend that the parent work with the Scout to create a username at my.scouting. They need to try to connect to the Scout’s already existing BSA member ID number: 132630890.

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