How to get Admin permisission for council

How do we get someone in our council Admin permissions? No one has them. Not even our Scout Exec.

Thank you

Are you referring to the Council Admin role or a unit admin role?

If Council Admin, the Scout Exec has been sent instructions on how to get the first person access. Once there is one Council Admin, that admin can add others. If the Scout Exec cannot find the instructions they need to contact BSA IT via internal channels.

If you are referring to being a unit admin in your unit, you can add them as a leader on your roster and make them an admin.

@KristinChioma you are right - never seen that before - Council can send in a National Ticket to resolve it

Thank you. It is for council. I do not think he knows where that email is. I will have him send in a request and ticket to IT.

Thank you for your help.

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