Den Leader Role not Associated with My Account


I’m a new parent with Scouts and am also a new Tiger Den Leader for our Pack (Tecumseh Council in Beavercreek Ohio, Cub Scout Pack 234). I’m also in training to take over the Cub Scout Pack Master role in a couple months. I have an account in Scoutbook and have my scout associated to me. However, I am not listed as a Den Leader, so I cannot manage my Den. Also, I need to be given the Pack Master role, too. In case you need it, my Scout’s BSA ID is: 14792559.

Additionally, none in my Pack know how to admin their Scoutbook and it has admins that are no longer with the pack, and many parent/leaders that aren’t in there. How do I gain admin (assuming the role name is correct, but I may be wrong) ability to add/remove users and leaders, associate adults with their scouts, and remove old admin users?

@StephenLambert_II thanks for stepping up to help first of all.

OK - First I would call your council and find your Unit Commissioner to help you out. That way you have Boots on the ground to help you

I do not see an Adult Leader Application filled out for you under the name Stephen Lambert - have you filled out an Adult Application and Criminal Background Check?

Here are a few pages to help you get started with Scoutbook


Yes, I filled out the Adult Application and Criminal Background Check forms back in September. I was told that they were handed into the Council about a month later.

@StephenLambert_II there is no record of them, you might want to contact the person that told you that or contact your council


Will do. Thank you, Donovan.

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