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Using the Scoutbook Directory, I find that my Council is connected, however some of the information is incorrect, i.e. the website and contact email. I still don’t know who at our Council is currently an administrator. The email is for our former SE, who has been retired for several years. So, how can the information be changed and how can I find out who is an administrator for our Council?

Same here. It is my understanding that a council admin needs to correct these. I let our DE know and it didn’t get any further. I actually contacted the email on that page and the old council exec is now one of the assistant chief scout executives! That was a funny email to get back!

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If your council does not know who the Council Admin is, the Scout Exec can use internal BSA contacts to be added as a CA. Any CA can add or delete other CAs.

Thank you. My SE is pretty on top of things, but is there specifically someone/place to direct him to contact?


I don’t know how SEs are supposed to contact BSA IT. Sorry.

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for the most part a Council Administrator tends to be a registrar. Check there. If not, the SE can call 972-580-2489 and someone at the IT help desk can help, or email scoutbook.support@acouting.org

Marian McQuaid
Registration Team
The Spirit of Adventure Council


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