How to get scoutbook to update after council updates roster

I had council update a parent’s email enter incorrectly but it does not seem to have been updated in scoutbook. How do i correct a parent’s email in scoutbook?

What is BSA # and when was it updated if you know

Bsa# 136395742 it was updated 1/19/22

@ElizabethPociask names look identical to me??? Try a private/Incoginto window?

or make sure that is the BSA # in SB that you are viewing

The email address is what was updated not the parent name. The BSA number in scoutbook matches the council roster.

@ElizabethPociask I see what’s different, and I have updated the e-mail.

Parents / leaders can also update their own e-mail address in Scoutbook by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

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