How to grant permissions to send emails to scouts for another adult leader?

I have a committee member that is also in charge of summer camp. They can email adults/leaders - but not any scouts. Without making them an admin, how can I give them access to email scouts?

Well Scouts can only be emailed IF they have an active account setup by their parents. Then the user would have to have at least View Profile connection to the scout.

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The scouts are setup as admin can send them emails. I was just trying to figure out if there was way to give a committee member or another role access to sending emails to scouts without having to make that user an admin. Having to do it one at a time on View Profile does not seem like an optimal way to do it either… Hoping there is something better.

@StaceyLevine - from the unit roster in scoutbook, scroll down to connection manager and you can grant the rights for that adult by clicking on them on the left side. it will apply to all scouts


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