Need Adult Volunteers to Send Emails to Troop

Continuing the discussion from Who can send emails in Scoutbook: There has to be an easier way to allow a registered Adult Volunteer that has a need to communicate with the Unit to send emails besides connecting the adult to the scout or assigning an Admin role to them. Can you please create a Role that allows for registered Adult volunteers to send emails to the Unit without allowing them to access the Scouts advancement information? This seems to be a common ask on the Forum.

@ChrisRojewski If you connect the registered adult to the Scouts with View Profile, they do not have the ability to see advancement info.


Thanks for the response. I have three units that I am an admin for in Scoutbook. Only one of these allows for Connection Manager to be used. Doing this manually for each scout is labor intensive. It seems more practical to create a role for this ability for a registered adult instead of having to jump through hoops trying to make this work. I cannot create roles.

What do you mean by this? Using connection manager is the way to do this most efficiently. Do you get an error?

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