How to I add to an adult's SB page? SM received Lifeguard training at camp

Our SM received Lifesaving/Lifeguard training this past summer, and his CPR certificate this past week, to complete the certification. I have tried to add this to Scoutbook, without success. I am the Unit Advancement Chair as well as one of the Troop Administrators and ASM, but I find myself limited to only making correction or additions to SB for the Scouts or myself. How do I get more control of SB, since I am the only one doing the entries and such.?? Thanks in advance!

Key 3 or Unit Training Chair can add to under training manager

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Also Key 3 Delegates (functional role at my.scouting).

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[quote=“WilliamArcher, post:1, topic:382574”] I have tried to add this to Scoutbook, without success.

One thing to note that @JenniferOlinger and @DonovanMcNeil didn’t state: items like BSA Lifeguard, any other aquatic award that can be earned by scouts or adults, and any adult award, isn’t recorded in Scoutbook for adults. Adult awards are not yet supported by Scoutbook (if ever).

We were specifically talking about training.

Awards for adults can only be entered by the council, and not all councils enter them.

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Thanks. It sure would be nice to have that information in SB, to show recognition for those who have earned extra training for Swimming, Climbing, Firearms, etc.
Again, thanks to all who responded.
Yours in Scouting, Bill

I had the same issue with 2 Adults that completed the Mile Swim at Scout Camp this summer. I had nowhere to enter it, so the Advancement chair know to purchase the patch. I just had to remind them it wasn’t on the PO produced by Internet Advancement. Same would be true for the Intrupitor awards as half of my Troop is Bilingual or Trilingual.
It would be nice if ScoutBook would add the Awards for Adults also. We all want to earn a Patch.

@ScottHackett - i am not an adilt volunteer for patches and pat on the back awards. I see NO VALUD REASON to ever support adult awards in scoutbook or IA

I agree that awards and such are not the reason to be in Scouts as an adult, but I also realize that we all like to get some recognition and appreciate something for all that we do. The knots are an example, and it is impressive to see someone with 3 rows of knots! It also helps others know that you have gone a bit further for the cause, or that you were an Eagle Scout, or an interpreter, just by looking at the uniform.
Having a Mile Swim patch on your swim trunks is a nice recognition for going the extra mile (Literally!!).

Bill Archer

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@WilliamArcher - like a 3rd world general…

My experience with the three row gang has been less than impressive or favorable.

No, more like our own generals and people in uniform. I have a friend who is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy with about 14 years in…has about 5 rows of ribbons on his dress uniform. Looks very impressive, but I know he could really care less about it, other than his rank, but it also gives him a bit of respect from others, which he deserves.

Listen, you are entitled to your opinion, me to mine, and others to theirs, so this is much ado about nothing, other than I wanted to know if there was a way to recognize some of the adults in our Troop for doing a bit more.

Have a great day…yours in Scouting,
Bill Archer

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Local councils have the ability to enter awards for adults in their system (Registrar Tools). However, not all councils enter them. You can talk to your council and see if they do.

I think your missing the Main Point is that having it in Scout Book would be an easier way to keep track of and getting it purchased after it has been earned. The statement “We all want to earn a Patch” was something one of our old DE said. His point we are all big kids at Heart and a lot of time all we need for doing something or participating is something is a patch. Plus, Patches are a great way to remember events, most all of mine are sitting in a pile on my dresser. I don’t ware them around to brage about my acheivments.

@ScottHackett National decided years ago that all training would be in ALELA and not Scoutbook

What is ALELA? I’m not familiar with that?

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AKELA is the Membership/Training Database - its interface is - Scoutbook is the Advancement Database

I have taken almost all the training modules in MyScouting, and just recently renewed a couple of the ones that have expired…but, I didn’t see anything regarding how to deal with other adult leaders within the troop. I am the only one who deals with Scoutbook in our troop, and I would guess also the only one who goes online into the other Scouting offerings there.

So, I’m gonna pass along to our S/M that he will need to get in touch with the Council to see about his Swimming/Lifeguard stuff. There appear to be a very limited amount that I can do for adults, so I’ll stick to the scout advancements in S/B.

@WilliamArcher In order to have access to the Training Manager at my.scouting, your troop’s Key 3 would need to give you the Unit Training Chair functional role at my.scouting.

Alternatively, they can give you the functional role of Key 3 Delegate, which will give you access to more tools.

@DonovanMcNeil In my discussion I didn’t mentions Training. I’m taking about Awards that Adults can earn like Mile Swim / 50 Miler / Interrupter / Religious emblems, as an example. I’m sure there are others that Adults can earn. I don’t see why it would be so difficult to add it as they already have it for the boys. It would just make it easier for the person purchasing the Patches to have it on the PO produced by ScoutBook.

Adding adult awards is in the backlog, but features that directly impact the youth will always be a higher priority.

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