Adult leaders showing in Scoutbook but not Internet Advancement

All information appears to be in Scoutbook. Not in the Roster of Internet Advancement. The link in SB to edit profile takes me to an error page in IA.

SB User ID: 8442446
BSA Member ID: 134189361

@JeffreyDunnam - a few quick items… in IA2.0 to show adults you have to click on the show filtered as it defaults to Youth as adults would not be engaged in advancement… just sayin… Next with regard to edit profile of either youth or adults… what is your role/position in the unit as I have no issue with either adult or youth profile edit.

I am SM and have Full Control to youth and adult. The actual issue that brought this to my attention is that the one adult is not showing for selection for Activities. That is, I cannot include that adult in Camping, Hiking, or Service Hours. It is odd, because he used to in the list and the two recently added adults do show up. I am not interested in editing profile of the leader; it is just another symptom.

@JeffreyDunnam it could be because the membership is Unapproved in Scoutbook. Not sure why that is the case but you could go in Scoutbook and approve the ASM position

Thank you. That was it. Not sure why, either. I checked, and he was added to stuff just fine through March.

I will report that to developers (to the degree they can control that) - See you at a Roundtable Sometime Heart O’ Texas