Accidental new adult profiles

I’ve got a couple of adults that are on my roster, but won’t sync to SB/IA. I tried adding them to the unit roster in SB by their BSA ID and it created new SB profiles for those adults. I know there are existing profiles because they are associated with their child/scouts. The adults’ BSA IDs are 13732205 and 131616215.

I’ve also got an adult/parent that was given a duplicate profile during recharter and connected to all of their child/scouts. His BSA ID is 119810732.

@graywh the first 2 will sync tonight - on the other issue I am not understanding the issue.

How often does sync happen? I know it didn’t sync last night.

2 profiles for a single person, both profiles are connected as parent, but one profile is the adult member and one is brand new

i fixed the users so they would sync now

I only see one parent - is it to a specific scout? what is first name?

Oh, the new non-adult parent connections were deleted in SB already. What’s the best way to handle that going forward? Have the registrar fix the adult’s account with his real name?

Well I think it is not have missing data in profiles

I’m not sure what is missing other than the first name being shortened. I’ll ask my registrar to fix that.

Address and DOB on both of those accounts

Hello can you please merge my two accounts new BSA id of 140866201 and my original BSA id 140269790

The surviving BSA id should be 140269790 as it has my IOLS and YPT training completed

Thank you very much!


@BrianWong1 that is cleaned up

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OK, the 2 adults re-sync’d with the new profiles that are separate from their parent profiles. The parent profiles have their actual camping logs, but the new leader profiles have their BSA IDs associated with their training (afaik).

Hopefully these make sense

adult leader BSA ID original SB profile ID (parent) new duplicate SB profile ID (leader)
131616215 7175038 13666558
13732205 10791727 13666557

Is this something for the registrar to fix?

@graywh on the first one do they want the odd username or email to log in?

@graywh ok both those are fixed - both happened because on the parent accounts you do not have DOB - also I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct registered BSA member ID number

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Did you set this to email?

@graywh I do not understand what you are asking

you asked about the login for adult 131616215

@graywh I did not set it to anything - it looks like they use the username more and the email username was just created

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