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How to limit Parents to View Advancement only

I’ve been busy trying to get all the parents set up in Scoutbook with emails. I would like to give access to them to onlly view their Cub Scout’s advancement, if you select the parent box it allows them to have full access and edit their child’s advancement, which is something we don’t want to encourage until we admins have a firm grasp on the system changes from IA.

Also - we have to retype the personal message every time for in invite field? Isn’t there a batch method?

How can I contact scoutbook customer service directly?

Parents have Full Control - that is a BSA Decision


I just type the personal message in a text/document editor and paste into the Scoutbook message. There’s no bulk-invite process of which I am aware.

so does that mean that the parents can mark off cub achievements that were not earned yet?
What is the recommended way to keep that from happening? It will cost our pack money if we are buying awards that weren’t earned yet.

Is there a batch email/invite system so that the entire pack can be emailed at once?
Would it be possible to have the Committee Chair Copied on the emails so we know if they actually went out and the date? That was a great feature that scoutlander websites offered - any you only had to type it once.

@LianneRutty The Guide to Advancement clearly says Parents are AKELA - kind of gets blurry in Webelos. But if a parent says its done - it is done.

Scoutbook does not allow parents to APPROVE the advancement unless the parent also holds any leadership position on the units Scoutbook Roster.


That sounds like the only way to work around it. Not very user friendly or efficient - Hey, whoever is writing the code - please take notice of this!!

Parents can mark items as Completed, but not Approved (unless they are also a leader in the unit).

Items do not go onto the Needs Purchasing Report until after they have been marked as Approved by a leader in the unit.

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Thanks! having a tough enough time getting all the parents emails added…wish that they came over when the roster loaded (they were written on the applications)

I thought an enhancement was recently pushed to save a default message?

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That is certainly an item in the backlog for future. It’s one step at a time. Getting scout and adult leaders automatically imported was a huge step, but that still has a few bugs in it that need to be resolved. I’d rather they get that working perfectly before adding even more accounts to the mix.

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Never noticed that. I’ll have to look when we get our new round of parents in…

@CharleyHamilton I can’t find it in the change logs. So, either I’m overlooking it, or it’s a complete figment of my imagination.

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In reality, parents checking a box on Scoutbook is no different than parents signing off in the guidebook. They’ve always been able to decide that a scout did their best to meet that requirement.

I always tried to add a comment when I checked boxes for my own kid to explain what she did to meet the requirement, that way her leader would be more comfortable approving it.

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In my recent experience (about two weeks ago), it does not save a default message, but it does save the last message that you sent. So if you’re adding several parents in a row, you might not have to change anything. If there is a way to set up a saved default, I’m not aware of it (but haven’t looked for it, either).

Yes, that’s what I recall, too. I don’t think you’re missing anything.

In my recent experience (about two weeks ago), it does not save a default message, but it does save the last message that you sent

I have had the opposite experience in the last few weeks. When I add a parent connection to a scout, the default message is:
“Hi! An account for you has been created in Scoutbook so you can review your Scout’s advancements. Please log in using the credentials and temporary password you see in this email. If you have any questions give me a call or email me. Scoutbook assistance can be found at .”

I have not seen it save the previous custom message I sent, though.

You’re correct. That’s the default message when you create a new parent account. What I’ve been doing recently is connecting parents who already have existing accounts, in which case it saves the last message sent.

Ah! I actually just tested that scenario and get the exact same default message that I linked before.

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