How to manage Troop Committee membership roles?

Is there a tool for a TC Chair / COR Delegate to manage the membership of the Troop Committee in my.scouting Organization Manager / Position Manger? I can change Functional Roles, but I cannot manage who shows up as a Committee Member

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Only the COR (or COR Delegate) can make changes on the “Registered Positions” tab. The entire unit Key 3 can make changes to committee members on the “Functional Roles” tab.

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As can the Key 3 Delegates, except only the COR can alter the COR Delegate in the Functional Roles.

And only adults currently registered as leaders in the unit can have their registered positions changed. You cannot add new adult leaders to your unit via the Registered Positions tab. New adult leaders need to complete an application, either on paper or online if permitted.

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