Unable to update roles in Position Manager

Why can’t I update registered positions and functional roles of existing leaders? Am I only able to make changes during recharter? It seems silly that I can update them in Scoutbook but not my.scouting.org


Only the Charter Org Rep or Charter Org Rep Delegate can change registered positions in my.scouting.org as this is the official roster. As Cubmaster you should be able to change functional roles in my.scouting.org.

Scoutbook is NOT the official roster. Position changes there DO NOT get pushed to my.scouting.org

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Thanks, they should make that clear (who can update what) in the app. I see that I actually can update some functional roles however we have a registered adult that I can’t mark as our COR delegate? She isn’t even on the dropdown list although she is on the registered positions as an Executive Officer

Only the COR can assign a COR delegate.


I bet you cannot make the EO any functional role as it is usually just a name on a charter and has no CBC

Okay that makes sense, thanks for the info!

An add on here… I have my executive officer & COR that I’d like to flip. Neither one of them are able to adjust their positions.

Also they aren’t able to remove people from positions?


COR can only reassign positions, not completely remove someone from the roster. Removal can only be done by the Council.

If you have someone who is no longer serving in a position that you want to remove, you could make them a Unit Scouter Reserve. They will fall off the roster at the next recharter.

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The Council can swap the COR and IH, provided the IH has completed YPT and has a completed criminal background check on file, otherwise the IH will need to complete a new adult application.

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Thanks, I’ll pass this along!