Adult Leader transition

I will be transitioning from Committee Member to Committee Chair as soon as I get the paperwork submitted. I was curious if during COVID anything was done to allow existing leaders submit applications online, or if I still have to do a paper application? If I have to do a paper application, is there an electronic version of it that I can fill out and then print?

Thanks in advance.

It your change of position is within the same unit, then in most cases, your Chartered Org. Rep. (COR) or COR Delegate can log in at my.scouting:

unit → Roster → Position Manager

and just change your position from Committee Member to Committee Chair. There is an overnight process that needs to run, but you should be good to go the next day.


@MichaelTrotochaud - that is entirely dependent upon the jurisdiction that you are in. Any and ALL councils the are domiciled in PA can not accept on-line adult leader applications… period end of discussion. For those that allow it the COR has to accept them and sometime with the approval note from the CC.

and what Jennifer noted ^^^^^

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Thank you both. @JenniferOlinger, it is the same unit, so I’ll touch base with the COR and see if he can make the switch.

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