Unable to assign Functional Roles

I’m the SM for my troop, but anytime I try to update a functional role (Key 3 delegate in particular) in Position Manager it just returns " *Invalid Request " no matter who I attempt to put in there. According to what I’ve seen as the SM I should be able to assign a Key 3 delegate/other functional position (except the CoR delegate).
What am I doing wrong, or is something broke?

Currently trying on Chromebook/Chrome OS/Chrome, have also tried on Android Mobile same issue, as well as cleared cache/incognito mode.
If it helps BSA ID: 13265880 / Longhouse Council

It would be interesting to know where you saw that. Only the COR or COR delegate can assign positions. Also, all adults need to not be missing CBCs for any changes to be made.

Thanks Matt,

I see it in Scoutbook help:

Then follow:
[More information can be found here.] link

While yes it states only the CoR can change the ‘Registered’ positions, any of the Key 3 can change functional roles:
Functional Roles
Changing functional roles can only be done by the Key 3 and the Key 3 Delegates

Yeah, any member of the Key 3 (or a Key 3 delegate) can assign new Key 3 delegates and other functional roles (except COR delegate), as long as it’s to an already-registered scouter. I agree that only the COR or COR delegate can re-assign registered positions (again, only to already-registered scouters).

Ah! Now I’m following. Does every Scouter listed (except for XO) have rhe blue CBC shield by their name?

Yes they do, I’ve confirmed in both my.scouting and advancements.scouting. They’re also current on YPT.
In particular this is the BSA ID of who I’m working to delegate to: 131152431 if it’s needed by anyone.

Not just that person, but everyone.

I have had. Ow more than once a CBC filed, but not recorded properly. They don’t get the blue shield. If ANY in the unit are missing it, you can’t move or assign anyone.

I’ve been seeing this too. It seems to be in units that have started their recharter. We just assumed that recharter was preventing the assigning of functional roles. Can you confirm that’s correct or is it actually an error?

Hey Matt,

Yeah, everyone has the CBC check except the Executive Officer (not required)

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That’s interesting. I did start updating my roster for recharter (haven’t submitted for validation/payment yet). But I don’t know if that’s the case with our “G” Troop who is also seeing the issue.

I have a theory that the issue is because your units are expiring this month (12/2022). I am experiencing the same issue.

That’s an interesting theory, I guess we’ll go with that, and see what happens in January. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone or crazy.
Still, kind of annoying, but I do have to say the systems are seeming to get better each year, now if they could all consolidate into one interface :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suspect we won’t see a change until after the unit’s charter renewal posts and the unit’s expiration dates changes.