How to multiple register adults in B and G Troops

Does anyone know HOW to multiple register adults in Troops? We are a B and G Troop and need to have leaders registered in both in order for them to access all Scouts to log advancement, attendance, service, camping, etc. We are told this CAN be done but no one has been able to say HOW. With limited volunteer leaders, we need those who will do the work to be able to access both troops and rosters.

Are they registered in both units? If not you need to register them in one and multiple them in the other.

If they need full access in both units: If you give them the position of troop admin in both units in Scoutbook they can access both units from their dashboard in Scoutbook

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It’s probably best to wait until both Unit’s recharter is fully processed. After that, leaders in their “home” unit can log into, select “My Application” to “Multiple”, at no cost, to the second unit. The Charter Org Rep for the second unit, will then need to Accept the application, and can assign them a leadership role. Usually the next day, they will appear in Scoutbook, and you can assign them additional roles/rights there also if needed.


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