Adding an adult with dual registration

I have an adult who is registered with another Troop. He will have dual registrations going forward with my troop. He has gone into a BSA website and added my troop (even showed me a screen print). No email yet from Council about him wanting to have dual registration (it has been more than 24 hours). If no email comes, how can I add him to my current roster in Scoutbook? I have his birthday, ID #, YPT training certificate.

Your COR would need to approve in > Application Manager

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I am the COR. No “Application Manager” option in Just “My applicantion.” Suggestions?


Not all councils enable online applications.

@JimKyger you need to select your unit from the drop-down under organization at the bottom.


It only turns up in “Recent Tools” if it’s been visited at some point. If it’s never been visited, it won’t appear, right? So if a user never sets that drop-down to the unit (as @jacobfetzer noted), it won’t be on the menu options.

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Under where it says “Organization” (blue text), you have to click on “National Council, BSA 000” to open / expand the menu where you can select your unit.

@JenniferOlinger - thanks Jen, I posted this too quickly and should have noted what I wanted to point out. Yes @CharleyHamilton - you are correct… should edit the images before posting :slight_smile:

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